14 Great Organic Landscape Ideas to Keep You Busy Next Summer

When it comes to creating a unique, eye-catching landscape that will get the neighborhood’s attention, there is no shortage of landscaping or hardscaping ideas to consider. The luxury landscape design professionals from The Plant Concierge know that sometimes it takes a little outside inspiration to stay motivated.

14 Great Organic Landscape Ideas to Keep You Busy Next Summer 2

That’s why our organic landscape team has collected 14 great landscaping ideas to inspire you here!

1.  Create an Outdoor Room

Are you a homeowner that loves to entertain? If so, consider installing an outdoor room in your backyard. Doing so can enable you to maximize your property’s square footage and provide a place to entertain guests on nicer days and evenings. Your outdoor room can be as simple as a table and a few chairs or something more complex like an outdoor kitchen.

2. Grow a Veggie Garden

If you’re a first-rate chef or simply a homeowner that loves to cook, consider turning an area in your yard into a vegetable or herb garden. By installing some fruits and vegetables, and herbs that are native to your area, you can reduce grocery costs and also be privy to the freshest ingredients on hand.

3. Install a Floating Bench

Unless you’re a landscape installation professional, this is a job better left to experts, but it can be a truly unique feature of any outdoor landscape. Perhaps you have hardscaping features or a retaining wall where a floating bench will fit perfectly. One can add an air of sophistication and create a more modern aesthetic with a floating bench in the right place.

4. A Yard with Multiple Levels

If you have a yard that slopes downward, or simply want to do something a little different, adding multiple levels to your landscape with hardscaping features such as stone staircases and patios can be a great way to do something unique.

5. Pergola Installation

Whether you have a patio you want to add some coverage to or a lot of space in the yard, pergola installation can be a great way to breathe new life into your landscape. They can be a good option if you’re looking to increase your lawn’s usable space and have a luxurious haven throughout most of the year.

6. A Change in Color

If you’ve grown tired of the same colors in your backyard, you can easily plant a variety of shrubs and flowers that can create a new, unique color scheme to update your landscape. Perhaps you want to match the colors with your home’s design scheme; that’s an easy way to do something different as well.

7. Install a Fire Pit

For those living in an area with a large backyard, installing a fire pit is a great way to change things up a bit. Fire pits can be a great excuse to create a simple stone patio and add some additional seating for spending chilly nights in front of the fire with friends.

8. Grow Some Vines

If your landscape boasts retaining walls or areas that slope downwards at a sharp angle, growing some vining plants there can be a great way to introduce a bit more color into your landscape. It can also give your yard a unique, natural look and add a little mystique to your property.

9. Plant a Classic English Rose Garden

Planting a rose garden on your property can be a good way to provide some elegance, as well as unique colors to your landscape. There is such a variety of rose colors and plants to choose from, you can give your yard a classic look while still doing something unique.

10. Install a Garden Fountain

This is another job best left to a team of professionals, but it can truly transform your garden into a wonderland. Installing a garden fountain can create a comfortable, pleasing atmosphere and a place to get away and relax after a long day. With the right seating, it can also be a great place to take some sun or read a book on more pleasant afternoons.

11. Build a Tree-Shaded Patio

If your landscape includes a lot of old-growth trees that provide good shade during the summertime, installing a patio beneath them can give you a great place to relax on hotter afternoons. A tree-shaded patio can also offer an air of sophistication to your luxury landscape.

12. Geometric Designs

One great way to do something different in your landscape design is to have some fun with more geometric designs. This means playing with shapes or installing landscaping and hardscaping features that bear more rigid, rectangular lines. Sit down with a landscape design expert and come up with a design that is innovative and makes good use of different shapes, but still offers a balance.

13. Add Offset Pavers to Create a Path

If you want to showcase your landscaping features like trees, flowers, and shrubs, installing a path of offset pavers to make a trail throughout the yard is easy and inexpensive. You can create paths that wander off to hardscaping features or continue through the yard, stopping in front of your favorite places, it’s up to you!

14. Plant an Orchard

If you have ample space in your yard, consider planting some fruit trees and creating your own orchard. Adding a few apple or pear trees or olive bushes to the backyard can give it a feel that’s both rustic and sophisticated.

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