10 Top Benefits of Having a Dallas Backyard Pool

Benefits of Having a Backyard Pool In Dallas


When it comes to beating the summer heat in Dallas, owning a swimming pool can be just the thing. Not only can it be a functional and elegant addition to your luxury Dallas property, but it can also boost your home value and be a great place to entertain. Here the team of Dallas pool landscaping experts from The Plant Concierge has collected some top reasons to install your very own custom swimming pool!


Dallas Backyard Pool
  • Hosting Parties: Having a Dallas Backyard Pool provides the perfect excuse to host parties in the spring and summertime. Even during the offseason, having a party outdoors by the pool can add a sense of elegance and luxury to any gathering and create a great atmosphere.
  • Destressing: Soaking in the pool at the end of the day or going for a swim is a great way to relax and destress. You can even add additional features such as waterfalls and a hot tub or spa to increase your options.
  • Great for Families: If you have a family with children, pools can add hours of fun and adventure to your days. Both you and your kids can enjoy pool time and it can be the perfect oasis, replacing the need for weekend outings or trips to the neighborhood pool.
  • Boost Your Home’s Aesthetics: Pools exude elegance and luxury living, so if you already live in a luxury home, installing a pool can add to its aesthetics. Not only does it add an air of sophistication to your property but can be an eye-catcher for potential homebuyers should you choose to sell down the road.
  • Adds to Your Resale Value: As we already mentioned, a pool can be a big boost to your home value, in some cases adding up to an additional 15 percent in some areas. This makes them a great investment that provides a solid return down the road if they’re well-maintained.

Using a Professional Dallas Pool Landscaping Firm

There are some advantages to choosing a specialist when it comes to pool installation and landscaping. No two homes are alike, however, if you really want to do something different, a custom pool designed and built by a professional concierge-level company can truly set your property apart.

Some of the leading benefits of working with an expert when designing your Dallas backyard pool include:

  • Performing all the Heavy Lifting

When you choose to work with a professional Dallas Backyard pool landscaping company for your swimming pool needs, they’ll do all the heavy lifting so you won’t have to lift a finger. You can simply keep enjoying your luxury property. Any flowerbeds or gardens that need to be moved to prepare for your pool installation can be handled properly and transported with care to another area of your yard. Additionally, professional pool landscapers can also provide invaluable insight into combining your property’s hardscaping and landscaping features for the best results.

  • Customizing Your Environment

If you want to create a landscape and hardscape design that’s truly unique, working with a professional pool landscaping company is the best way to do so. You can create a unique environment incorporating both your pool’s features and overall landscape into a design that adds your own little oasis to the backyard. Professional pool landscaping teams also know what types of plants grow best meaning they can choose the optimal locations to help your landscape thrive. They can easily assess your soil quality, as well as the amount of sunlight and drainage certain areas get to ensure optimal plant growth.

  • Creating a Balance

Professional landscape design teams know which plants will thrive in your area. This can be a great boon for luxury homeowners also looking to have more organic landscape design solutions. A great pool landscaping team can add plants, shrubs, flowers, and more, that are made to grow in your natural habitat and local climate. By enlisting the help of a professional, you’ll be able to create that perfect balance between aesthetic and functional landscaping, providing you with a holistic approach that will meet your needs.

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