Dallas Drainage Services

Dallas Drainage Solution

One of the most important aspects of any thriving landscape is a quality drainage system. Not only does having the proper drainage solutions help your plants thrive, but it also protects your luxury home from structural damage.

The drainage solutions offered by The Plant Concierge are designed to take into account your property’s unique features, providing services that will eliminate hazardous water buildup and protect your foundation. Our professional drainage team is equipped to install a variety of different fixtures to help your landscape thrive.

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The Dallas drainage services from The Plant Concierge protect against:

  • Soil Erosion: One of the most dangerous things to any landscape is soil erosion, which causes sinkholes, mudslides, and untold damage to your plants and shrubs. Soil erosion occurs when water is allowed to flow over the ground without being directed to a specific location. If left unattended, this water can seep under or into your foundation, creating cracks.
  • Standing Water: Dallas is certainly no stranger to inclement weather and flooding, which is why The Plant Concierge specializes in channeling standing water away from luxury homes. Areas that stay wet and don’t drain properly look unsightly and can be a breeding ground for pests like mosquitos and harmful bacteria. Excess water can also make it difficult for your lawn and plants to thrive as it will make them prone to fungus, root rot and other harmful conditions.
  • Excess Water Runoff: Water seepage or flooding during heavy rains is one of the leading causes of structural damage and flooded homes. The Plant Concierge can design unique drainage systems that direct water away from your property and deposit it safely away from your foundation.

Effective & Efficient Drainage Solutions

Our team of drainage professionals can design and install:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Downspout Drain Lines
  • Foundation Drainage Solutions
  • Drainage Swales
  • Concrete Drainage Flumes
  • Surface Grading Drainage Solutions
  • French Drains
  • Sump Pumps
  • & More!

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Our drainage team understands that every home is different. When you trust The Plant Concierge with your drainage solutions, we create a personalized plan designed to provide the best results for your home and landscape.

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