Dallas Lawn & Bed Irrigation Services

Lawn & Bed Irrigation Services In Dallas

If you want your landscape to grow into a beautiful oasis, you must have the right irrigation services in place. Properly watering your lawn and garden is crucial to its growth, while unhealthy watering practices can lead to severe damage. Our professional irrigators ensure you have an irrigation system and plan that efficiently supports healthy, long-term plant life.

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Why Choose The Plant Concierge?

The Plant Concierge understands that just like every home is different, so too are the irrigation needs of a luxury property’s landscape. Our lawn and bed irrigation services in the Dallas area are custom designed with your yard and its locale in mind.

Regularly watering your plants and flower beds is essential to having a landscape that looks healthy and can thrive during any season. To this end, The Plant Concierge offers:

  • Irrigation Systems InstallationOur team is equipped to install lawn irrigation systems in Dallas luxury homes that are effective and efficient. With an irrigation servicefrom The Plant Concierge that offers increased watering efficiency, you’ll need less water to keep your landscape looking great. Other benefits of installing an irrigation system include a boost to your home’s resale value, a healthy, beautiful yard, and fewer issues such as diseases, weeds, and fungi.
  • Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs: Even the most durable irrigation systems will need some occasional fine-tuning to ensure every part of your landscape gets exactly the right amount of water it needs to thrive. The Plant Concierge provides maintenance and repairs as well. It doesn’t matter what type of irrigation services you currently have; we can work with it. We can develop a regular maintenance plan for your luxury property that includes preventative maintenance such as winterization, efficiency checks, sprinkler head adjustments, and other seasonal maintenance solutions.
  • Upgrading Your Irrigation System: If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded your irrigation system, your home’s yard could be paying the price. The Plant Concierge offers upgrades that include adding new sprinkler heads or replacing missing ones, installing additional pipes and sprinkler heads to areas not receiving enough water, and adding pressure-regulated sprinkler heads that can offer a reduction in water bills of up to 30%.

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In addition to the services mentioned above, The Plant Concierge also offers drainage services to help protect your property. To learn more about our irrigation installation and maintenance plans, visit us online for a FREE CONSULTATION or call (972)-243-1455

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