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Landscaping in North Dallas from The Plant Concierge

At The Plant Concierge, we believe that every landscape should look it’s absolute best, which is why we provide concierge-level services to luxury homes throughout North Dallas. We can transform your landscape into something that complements the beauty of your home and is truly unique.

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Landscape Installation & Renovation

The landscape installation and renovation services we offer North Dallas residents run the gamut. We have experience creating everything from entirely new landscapes to installing hardscape features, and everything in between. At The Plant Concierge, our landscape design experts sit down with you to better understand the vision you have for your North Dallas home, then create a landscape design that brings it to life.

Our landscaping services also range from trees to patios and shrubbery, so if there’s something unique you want, let’s talk about it!

Best Time for Landscape Installation

When it comes to landscape installation, the best time of year depends upon the type of plants, shrubs, and other features included in your landscape. There are various types of trees, plants, and flowers that flourish at particular times of the year. That’s why The Plant Concierge offers seasonal planting services throughout the year.

When It’s Time for Landscape Renovation

Perhaps you’ve neglected your landscaping for a year or two, or want to do something entirely different. Landscape renovation can breathe new life into your property. Our team of landscape design experts can come throughout the year to perform services such as mulching, tree trimming, turf renovation, or restoration after a storm. Your landscape will stay looking fantastic year-round.

Benefits of a Landscaping Install & Renovation

There are a host of benefits to a landscaping install and renovation, one of the foremost being increasing your home’s curb appeal or providing privacy for your yard via hardscape features like fencing. You’ll also be turning unused spaces into landscaping features. Additionally, by properly caring for your plants and mulching, trimming, and pruning, you can conserve water.


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