Building a Swimming Pool & Its Landscaping Needs

Installing a swimming pool Landscaping in North Dallas

Installing a swimming pool in your Dallas home can certainly be an exciting time. You likely have a lot of things to consider, as well as some questions about how long it takes, and the maintenance involved. It might be surprising, but swimming pool landscaping is also an important component of the process.

That’s why The Plant Concierge has highlighted some key factors for you here when it comes to building a swimming pool and swimming pool landscaping services!

How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

Although some factors, such as your location and the time of year, will affect how long it takes to build a pool, it can often be accomplished in 6-12 weeks. There are a variety of steps involved such as planning and applying for permits, as well as the excavation and installation process.

DOs & DON’Ts of Swimming Pool Landscaping

Once you’ve had your swimming pool installed, don’t forget to keep the surrounding area well-maintained. When it comes to swimming pool landscaping, always keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Most areas will have a legal requirement calling for a fence to be erected around your swimming pool. You can also enhance safety by not installing too many landscaping/hardscaping features in close proximity to your pool.

Additionally, professionals don’t recommend planting grass around your pool, as it can erode your pool’s foundation over time. It’s important to do a bit of research into what plants, shrubs, and flowers thrive in pool areas. The Plant Concierge can certainly add some insight into this aspect.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to plant things around your pool that don’t attract too many bugs and insects. For example, honeysuckles look beautiful and smell great, but they also attract bees during certain seasons. Also, consider that some flowering plants and other shrubs and trees will shed their flowers and leaves, making cleaning your pool more difficult.


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