4 Leading Qualities of a Reliable Organic Landscape Company

Organic landscaping is one of the best ways to create a thriving property that is also eco-friendly and sustainable. Over time, with organic landscape solutions, your yard and property will become resilient and fertile without relying on chemicals, manufactured fertilizers, and harmful herbicides and pesticides.

As one of today’s top organic landscape companies, the team from The Plant Concierge wanted to highlight some of the foremost characteristics of an organic landscape company so you can choose the best one for you.

Implementing a Soil-First Strategy

One of the first signs that you’re working with a reliable organic landscape company is when they create a strategy that focuses on the soil of your property before anything else. Soil creates the foundation of a healthy organic landscape and any good landscaping company will perform a soil assessment before planting and seeding.

Performing an In-Depth Property Assessment

To ensure that you have the best organic landscape program in place, a comprehensive property assessment is essential. Any reliable landscaping team will not only assess the quality of your soil but also perform an environmental analysis, as well as an existing plant assessment.

Science-Based Care & Maintenance

Hiring an organic landscape company that practices science-based plant/tree care and maintenance is a good way to ensure you’ll have a healthy yard. They’ll have all of the necessary knowledge of the area in which you live and what plants will thrive, and be able to easily maintain a consistent landscape.

Eco-Friendly Techniques

Landscaping companies that practice techniques that have a low environmental impact take into account the natural environment in your area and implements strategies designed to work alongside that environment. This means you’ll be able to avoid negative consequences like soil erosion, damage to the habitat of other plants and animals in the area, and encourage proper drainage.

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