9 Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

In many cases, summer means hotter days, more salads, and cranking that air conditioner unit to stay comfortable inside. However, just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you have to completely change your eating habits, especially if you’re a fan of meat dishes or more unique culinary styles. Outdoor Kitchens are a great compromise that offers a variety of benefits for every homeowner.

Whether you want to simply have more options for hosting guests or keep the kitchen cool on hotter days, here are some of the primary benefits of using The Plant Concierge for outdoor kitchen installation in Dallas!

1. Increased Usable Space

Installing an outdoor kitchen will increase the usable square footage of your home, meaning you’ll be able to get the most out of your property. Whether you simply want to add a few chairs and a covered patio with a simple kitchen, or go all out, you’ll still be increasing your home’s living space. It’s also a great place to gather outdoors during the spring and summer even while not cooking.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

One of the leading advantages of installing outdoor kitchens is that they offer reduced energy bills, especially during the summertime. This is because cooking in your indoor kitchen during hotter weather will drastically increase the temperature in your home, forcing the need for your HVAC system to work overtime. Eventually, this unnecessary strain can end up costing you an arm and a leg, especially if you have to replace your AC. That’s why grilling outside in your outdoor kitchen makes a great, cost-efficient alternative to cooking indoors all summer.

3.  Keep Cooking Smells Outdoors

We’ve all cooked a meal before that smells great but seems to take hours to leave the kitchen. If you want to grill hamburgers or cook other dishes where the smells tend to linger on afterward, using an outdoor kitchen for this purpose is a great idea. In fact, our sense of smell becomes heightened in the summertime, so moving the cooking outdoors can be a good idea for those that have more sensitive noses.

Smells tend to dissipate much quicker outdoors for several reasons, the first and most obvious being the open air. Additionally, those with fragrant gardens will find that plants and flowers will also do much to balance the smells of cooking.

4. Makes Eating Healthy a Breeze

Since most outdoor kitchens are built with grills and barbecues, it can make healthy eating much easier. This is because when grilling food, a lot of the fat and grease can be cooked away. Additionally, since grills cook at much higher heats, it can also help foods retain more moisture and nutrients. Grilling food can also provide your taste buds with a richer, more unique flavor than stovetop cooking or warming your meals up in the oven.

Another advantage is that with a grill and outdoor kitchen to use, you’ll be much less likely to call for delivery when you crave a burger or other dish. Cooking food instead of ordering is much healthier because restaurants often add extra ingredients like butter and salt to make their food more savory. However, you can make your own healthy marinades at home instead and your meals will still taste just as great.

5. Entertain Friends & Family

Outdoor kitchens are great places to host get-togethers for friends and family. Guests can gather around the kitchen or seating area and chat while waiting for meals to be ready. One of the biggest benefits is that if you have a larger patio or backyard, it can be much more spacious than your traditional kitchen. You can keep guests comfortable and entertained by adding simple fixtures like a firepit, different lighting options, patio heaters, and more, enabling you to entertain guests all year-round.

6. Save Money on Takeout

Often, when trying to plan an easy meal that’s more unique than the everyday dishes you and your family eat, ordering takeout or going out to eat might be the first place your mind goes. Unfortunately, doing so quickly takes its toll on your wallet. For those with a BBQ grill at home or another type of cooking accessory in their outdoor kitchen, you can save money on making your favorite meals and it’s often much easier than getting all the kids into the car and going out to eat.

7. Provides an Alternative Kitchen

Are there some meals you simply can’t cook indoors because they take too long, or you don’t have the right equipment? Having an outdoor kitchen gives you a great way to expand your cooking options. You can install your favorite grill or smoker, or even slow cook dishes that would take hours indoors and use up valuable counter space.

Additionally, you can add an extra refrigerator or freezer to your outdoor kitchen, providing added storage space that allows you to save leftovers for the week. If you’re someone that likes to always have the right ingredients or food/beverages around the house, a second fridge or freezer is ideal.

8. Provides an Outdoor Activity for the Family

These days, it’s a battle pulling the kids, and sometimes even the adults, away from the computer, television, or phone. But having an outdoor kitchen gives the whole family an excuse to get outdoors. You can even play a game with each other or catch up on how everyone’s day was while food is being cooked.

Eating outdoors can be a nice change, especially if you take the time to put on some music and really make a night of it. You’ll be able to enjoy a meal as a family that’s unique, without having to put in too much effort. Often, eating outdoors can be a relaxing experience and help everyone get into a great mood after a long day.

9. Increase Your Resale Value

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home at the moment, adding an outdoor kitchen will increase its curb appeal and resale value, which might benefit you down the road. Outdoor kitchen installation is one of the home remodels that offer the best return on investment, and it’s also relatively cheap.

Hiring a reliable outdoor kitchen installation team that uses today’s top building materials and offers durable fixtures that can withstand the elements will help it last for many years to come. It will also make a great selling point for potential homebuyers should you choose to sell your home down the road.

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