Living Plant Walls in Dallas

Those who want to add something unique to their luxury home in Dallas will be glad to learn that The Plant Concierge specializes in the design and installation of living plant walls. We’re committed to helping you beautify your property and designing something that meets your exact specifications, which is why our design team sits down with you and creates something in line with your vision that’s truly unique.


Living Plant Walls in Dallas Texas
Living Plant Walls in Dallas Texas

The Benefits of Installing a Living Plant Walls

There are a variety of benefits to installing a living plant walls inside or outside your home including:

  • Promoting Environmental Stewardship
  • Increasing Your Home’s Greenspace
  • Cooling Your Home
  • Attracting Songbirds
  • A Healthy Growing Environment for Any Climate
  • & More!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dallas Indoor & Outdoor Plant Walls

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor plant walls?

Although based upon the same concept, there are some differences between indoor and outdoor plant walls. Indoor plant walls are equipped with rear drainage systems to manage water runoff whereas outdoor ones can come equipped with either rear or bottom drainage systems. Outdoor plant walls can also be equipped with drip irrigation or spray nozzles.

How high can a living plant wall be installed?

The height you can install your plant wall depends upon your building’s features, its infrastructure, and its plumbing. Additionally, health and safety regulations need to be addressed, as well as environmental factors when installing exterior plant walls.

Do my living plant walls need to be watered during the winter?

If your living plant wall is installed in a warmer climate, like Dallas, then it will need to continue receiving water during the wintertime. However, the watering amount and frequency may need to be adjusted, which the team from The Plant Concierge can certainly do.

Can living plant walls be installed during winter?

Living plant walls can be installed year-round. However, during winter the irrigation system cannot be activated if there’s a threat of freezing.

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